Paul O’Connor

Paul works with OSR Partners as a creative associate on a project by project basis. He is based in Sligo where he runs, Judo Design. Coming from a graphic design background, Paul has over 20 years experience designing across numerous platforms. He specialises in turning visual disorder into order, visually grooming information till it looks real pretty.

He began his career working at Saatchi & Saatchi Design in London. Following that, he went on to get a 1st Class Honors Degree in Media & Design in Portsmouth University. On graduating in 1995, he emigrated to Ireland where he breifly worked for Design Works and Dynamo before forming the Irish wing of the multi-media company The Light Surgeons (which he founded with Chris Allen while at college). During that time he worked with various forms of digital video, film and photography for large-scale projection, mainly for the music, art, booze and fashion industries. These installations provided visual accompaniment for artists such as DJ Shadow, David Bowie. Commercial clients included Guinness, Smirnoff, Emporio Armani, Mtv Music Awards.

Once the Celtic Tiger had grown to obnoxious proportions, he decided it was time to leave! He left Dublin for the wilds of county Sligo to form Judo Design. From a comfortable distance he sat in the forest, pipe in hand, with his two Jack Russells by his side, and watched the country implode. After a brief deviation into teaching photography to Fine Art Degree Students at the Institute of Technology, Sligo, he returned full time to graphic design. Paul is also a PHECC registered Emergency Medical Practitioner (EMT) with the Red Cross and coordinates a local Cardic Response Group with the HSE Ambulance Service.