Vicki Raynor

Vicki started her working life as an ergonomist, interviewing helicopter pilots about the trials and tribulations of flying such wonderful machines. As part of her research she had to fly helicopter simulators and eventually graduated to the real thing. The excitement of skimming hedges and cereal crops will never leave her, but she eventually decided she was more interested in the “man” part than the “machine” part of ergonomics, and so she hung up her flying suit and picked up a tape recorder.

Vicki worked at a number of companies as a qualitative researcher before becoming a managing partner at RDSI, a full service market research company based in central London.  In a career of more than 20 years she has tackled a wide range of issues across numerous markets, from brand strategy and NPD studies to communication research and market analysis. In recent years her projects have covered the health and beauty, publishing, finance, alcohol, beverages, food, confectionery, telecommunications, and retail sectors.

Vicki has been an independent since 2002 and is based in London. She believes that one of the delights of working independently is the opportunity to team up with other very senior people, working as independents or for small companies. These collaborations, which come together around client problems not outdated organisational structures, can deliver an extraordinary level of insight and service to clients.